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Saikat Mitra

Senior Director

Google Inc, Hyderabad


Joining Chitta Darshan Yoga has been a life changing & liberating experience for me. It helped me improve my flexibility, my fitness, my focus but above all it has done wonders in managing my stress & attaining wellbeing. I was very worried about losing fitness, putting on weight and developing other associated medical conditions. Chitta Darshan Yoga was a life saver. I used to look forward to my morning yoga ritual and it helped me power through the day. I have and would continue to recommend Chitta Darshan Yoga to everyone.

Shubhra Gupta 

Angad Australian Institute of Technology

Melbourne, Australia


I have been taking online Yoga lessons from Naveeta and am very happy with the lessons. Naveeta is highly knowledgeable Yoga instructor who can customize the yoga classes as per her client needs. She make her Yoga learners very comfortable and creates a very good learning environment. I would strongly recommend Chitta Darshan Yoga classes to all Yoga aspirants.

Dhiraj Padnani

Google Inc


Bay Area, California


I was introduced to Chitta Darshan Yoga by a colleague. It is one of the best things to happen during Pandemic. The Yoga classes are mix of Surya Namaskar, Aasanas and Breathing exercsies. Naveeta is patient, diligent as an instructor. Guru is quick with responses and super helpful with any queries. Together they form a Great Team. I have been attending their classes since July 2020. During my tenure as a student with Chitta Darshan Yoga, there wasn't a single class when the instructor was on leave. This in itself speaks volumes of their Passion and Dedication. Thanks to Guru and Naveeta for facilitating memorable Yoga Sessions virtually

Srinivas Subudhi

Vice President @ 

a Leading Infra Company


From the time (my first time) I got introduced to Yoga on "Chitta Darshan Yoga", it has become a way of my life since Jun'20 (during lockdown/work from home period), it has set a rhythm in my daily routine. I realized immense fitness and flexibility in my body (I am a senior citizen) and calmness of mind. It made my day more energetic and powerful keeping fatigue away. I recommend others to experience the magic of YOGA.

Sameer Parvatikar

Army Officer


After a long time I am driving from Delhi to Gujrat. Had discontinued due to lower back ache. Thanks to Ma'am and Yoga for putting me back in the saddle again.