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About Us

Chitta Darshan Yoga

We are a group of passionate Yogis who want to help people get to their best physical, mental and emotional health with regular practise of  a Yoga, a wellness technology perfected over 5000 years in India, delivered to people across the world with help of modern technologies of internet / analytics / mass customisation. Our Yogic content is designed by team with cumulative experience of 50 years amongst them. Our Yogis have spent years learning / practising / perfecting / teaching Yogic techniques. Our content has been thoughtfully and carefully developed keeping in mind your specific physical fitness, health needs and also the advantages/limitations of teaching it over internet. We constantly update the content based on your need / progress. The best way to know whether we live upto our lofty vision is to join our free trail classes for a month. We are confident that you will find lot of value in our offerings.

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