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Elevate Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health with Yoga.

Have you tried Yoga, A wellness technology perfected over 5000 years?

Join our online classes for Yoga customized per your need at your schedule.


Why do Yoga

In Various Surveys, Yoga practitioners have reported that 

80.4% reported that Yoga contributed to HEAL their INJURY or PAIN

80%+ said their OVERALL HEALTH improved & they feel better

86.5% reported yoga improved their "Happiness" & ENERGY

54.3% said that Yoga improved their WEIGHT & 40% were motivated to EAT HEALTHIER

In Hypertension, Systolic BP & Diastolic BP reduced by 8.17 mm Hg &6.14 mm Hg repectively

55% of Yogis reported that Yoga improved their SLEEP;
85% said Yoga reduced STRESS

A word about Us

Chitta Darshan Yoga’s highlights  

Our Global Rating

4.8 out of 5

during last 1 year

Our retention ratio


in last 12 months


of our students reported
improvement in their health condition and/or their energy level

Students in

16 Cities

across 5 continents

across the globe

Yoga teachers, design & content of the class

~Classes designed by team of teachers with more than 50 years of experience amongst them

~We follow Classic and Authentic Hatha Yoga

~All classes are 1 hour long

~A typical class would consist of
1. Sithilikarana or Shukhma Vyayama for warm up & loosening
2. Surya Namaskar
3. Aasans ( Mix of Prone, Supine , Sitting, Standing)
4. Relaxation / Yog Nidra
5. Praanayam

~The Aasans and other content is changed to keep it interesting and excercise all body parts

~No prior knowledge of Yoga is needed but COMMITMENT is a must

~Start with our beginners level which starts with 3 classes a week

~If you want you can move to intermediate level as and when ready

~For Intermediate classes, choose 3 days a week or 5 days a week

~Content modified as per health condition

~Not yet convinced? Try out our FREE first month and experience benefits of authentic Hatha Yoga.

the mechanics

~All our classes are Online and streamed @ Google Meet

~Pick a live or pre-recorded class. In live classes, do Yoga along with the teacher

~Pick a time that works for you

~Attend classes from PRIVACY, SAFETY and COMFORT of your home

~Online classes save the commute time to and from physical Yoga studio

~Get started with free trial month.

~Best in class Audio Visual quality to ensure a great user experience in online classes.

We do NOT ask for Payment / Credit Card details for the free trial month


Here are some Key Words from testimonials from our students.